Our Payment Options

In-Network Billing

For clients covered under select insurance plans, our billing partner will manage your payments for covered mental health services. A debit, credit, or HSA card will be required to be on-file at all times. Following each appointment, your card will be used to collect your co-pay according to your plan specifics. To find out what the cost of these visits will be, please contact your insurance company and reference our detailed payment information here. Alternatively, you can contact us at (571) 620-6181 or fill out our contact form and we’ll be happy to assist.

Out-of-Network Billing

We gladly work with clients with out-of-network coverage. When you work with us, you will pay us directly for the services you receive. We accept debit or credit cards (including HSA cards). Then, we will provide you with a monthly superbill which you can share with your insurance company. Depending on your policy, your insurance company will then reimburse you directly. Policies vary, and we are happy to conduct a benefit check regarding your coverage and encourage you to do the same prior to your initial call using the information here.


For those individuals who will not be using insurance and opt for paying out of pocket, our fees range from $150-$175 per appointment. These prices can be further discussed during your initial call. When you work with us, you will pay us directly for the services you receive. We accept debit or credit cards (including HSA cards).

Frequently Asked Questions

We participate with the select group of insurers listed here. For those patients not covered under these plans, we will provide documentation to potentially allow you to receive reimbursement. Please see our payment details for further options.

All of our appointments are online. As a premier online behavioral health therapy platform, you can experience the in-office feel of our personalized approach and specialized services, all from the comfort and privacy of your home.

Yes, online therapy has been proven to have similar outcomes to in-person therapy. Oftentimes, utilizing online therapy can help busy people manage logistics and maintain better consistency. Over the past few years, studies have shown that online psychotherapy is able to produce the same positive outcomes as in-office therapy.

To book an appointment, simply give us a call at (571) 620-6181. With one initial phone call, we’ll listen intently to your particular needs and discuss how we can provide you with the most tailored care. We’ll then walk you through our procedures, including payment and the structure of the consultation process itself. If you’re then ready to take the next step, we’ll match you with the licensed clinical psychologist most compatible with you and schedule your first appointment. You can expect this to be a 15-minute process from start to finish.

Yes, we are currently accepting new clients. With our flexible, expedited scheduling, we’re typically able to match you with the mental health professional best suited for you and your individual needs and schedule your first session as quickly as possible.

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