What is Depression?

Depression is having a feeling of loneliness, being drained, a continuous and constant sadness that makes you feel like having no energy at all. Losing interest in what used to be your hobby, the feeling that is not easily taken care of, may result in mental illness. There are so many types of depression, there are types that are mild and can easily be taken care of with the right approach, and some are too much to be handled alone. Depression is the culmination of things that are constantly affecting your way of looking at things, feeling like all the things that you do may result in something not good.

Reclaim Your Life with Trauma Therapy

You deserve to experience a renewed sense of peace, resilience, and empowerment over your life. Trauma therapy, with the empathetic expertise of trauma-informed therapists, can give you the support and the tools to rediscover life on the other side of trauma.

Regain Emotional Balance

Trauma can disrupt emotional equilibrium. With the help of a trauma-informed therapist, you can discover a renewed sense of peace, resilience, and empowerment.

Re-Build Self Esteem

Self-image and confidence can be impacted through trauma. Through therapy, you can rebuild your self-worth and learn to view yourself from a more compassionate lens.

Strengthen Relationships

When traumatized, it can find be difficult to connect with those you care about. Through trauma therapy, learn to communicate, build trust, and deepen connections.

Develop Coping Strategies

Trauma can lead to harmful habits. A trauma therapist can help you identify and address these behaviors and equip you with adaptive coping strategies.

Unlock Future Potential

Your trauma doesn’t define you. Through therapy, rediscover who you are at your core and redirect your mindset towards a more hopeful and positive future.

Embrace Genuine Healing

Life shouldn’t consist merely of coping. With trauma therapy, you can unravel from traumatic experiences and once again thrive and lead a joyful life.

Experts in Your Case,
Partners in Your Care

Heal with the empathetic help of trauma-informed psychologists in Virginia & the D.C. Corridor

Recover with Specialized Experts

Due to the nature of trauma, trauma therapy requires extreme care and expertise. This is especially true with complex cases. All of Elysian’s therapists are trauma-informed doctoral clinical psychologists with extensive training and a breadth of experience in caring for trauma survivors. We are ready to walk you through your healing journey with professionalism, empathy, and grace.

Receive Tailored Treatment

You, as well as the life experiences that have brought you here, are unique. Our treatment reflects that. In every session with an Elysian clinical psychologist, you receive evidence-based therapy methods that are catered to you and your specific needs. As such, your treatment plans will continue to transform and expand with you as you continue to heal from your past trauma.

Heal on Your Terms

When you’ve experienced trauma, even the smallest things can become challenging. With our online behavioral therapy platform, you don’t have to worry about stressful commutes or uncomfortable waiting rooms. From the comfort and familiarity of your own home, you can receive top-tier trauma therapy, allowing you to relax and truly focus on your healing journey. Elysian also offers Couples Therapy, Personality Difficulties, and many more. Contact us today!

Experience Unparalleled Privacy

Choosing Elysian Psychological Services guarantees that your trauma treatment is delivered with the utmost discretion. We use best practices to ensure your information remains confidential. As we work through and resolve your past pain, you can speak freely and openly with peace of mind, knowing that your most personal thoughts, emotions, and experiences are safeguarded.

Frequently Asked Questions

Trauma therapy offers those who have been through traumatic experiences a safe space to process and understand traumatic events they’ve gone through. Through specialized education, our clinical psychologists understand the way trauma impacts the brain. Evidence-based techniques are used to help reduce emotional charge surrounding traumatic recall, allowing clients to develop coping mechanisms that result in a greater sense of self-confidence, safety, and trust. Over time, trauma therapy can help clients regain control over their lives, rebuild self-confidence, develop a feeling of safety, and foster stronger interpersonal relationships.

Yes. Elysian’s clinical psychologists specialize in complex trauma and regularly work with these cases.

Complex trauma is the cumulation of repeated and prolonged traumatic events. This can often be seen in situations involving abuse or neglect. Whereas in single-event trauma cases, there is one incident that severely impacts the sufferer, in complex trauma, there is no one specific event that caused the trauma. Similar to single-event trauma, complex trauma can impact the sufferer’s core identity, self-image, ability to emotionally regulate, and ability to bond with others. However, through trauma therapy, complex trauma can be healed and these consequential symptoms resolved.

Yes, Elysian’s clinical psychologists specialize in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and regularly work with those who suffer from it.

PTSD is a diagnosis given to someone following exposure to a traumatic event that impacts their mental health well after the event has passed. PTSD is typically characterized by symptoms including re-experiencing the traumatic event through flashbacks or nightmares, negative changes in mood and thoughts, avoidance of situations that are reminders of the traumatic event, and difficulty sleeping. Through trauma therapy, those who suffer from PTSD can recover and heal.

The length of time an individual continues trauma therapy is entirely dependent on multiple factors including their particular needs, the presence of other mental health conditions, and the level of trauma they endured. While some clients will begin to notice lasting transformation in a matter of months, others will require more long-term therapy before meeting their personal healing goals.

Come Back to Balance at Elysian Psychological Services

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Personalized Care

We look forward to building genuine connections with our clients. Through getting to know you, we’re able to tailor our evidence-based treatments to your individual needs.

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Specialized Expertise

Our team consists only of trauma-informed licensed clinical psychologists. We specialize in Trauma Therapy and complex cases and use our expertise to guide you back to balance.

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Discreet Care

Healing is deeply personal. We promise to discreetly deliver our personalized psychological services so you can work through your challenges in privacy and with peace of mind.

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Convenient Scheduling

As a premier online behavioral health therapy platform, our scheduling and virtual appointments make tending to your mental health care convenient, flexible, and accessible.

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