Elysian 317

Recent Updates    



-Added 5% chance for Pet Mystery Boxes to give 2 pets!

-Fixed Drop Rate items' bonuses not stacking properly (Now Drop rate bonuses stack)

-Removed Giant Moles from Contributor Boss area and replaced with Demonic Gorillas

-Added +5% droprate bonus while in Contributor Boss Area

-Added +7% droprate bonus while in Donator Boss Area

-Removed Vorkath kill achievement as it was counting unfinished kills

-Fixed Cerberus kill achievement so it will now count kills

-Fixed Restore Potions and added them back to Consumables Shop

-Fixed Arclight recharging

-Imbued Max Mage Cape hoods are now wearable

-Fixed Imbued Max Mage Cape combinations

-Fixed the inventory model for Death Cape

-Added Death Cape to Donator Shop for 5K Donator Coins

-Updated Donator Shop prices

-Added recoil effect to Ring of Suffering

-Added enhanced recoil effect to Ring of Suffering(i) (Does 2x the damage of regular recoils)

-Added an option to Weird Old Man in shops to imbue your rings

-Imbuing combat rings will cost 2.5M each and imbuing Ring of Suffering will cost 25M

-Fixed the timer for items to appear after being dropped

-Added stats to Gravedigger set to make it BiS Ranged set

-Added +5% ranged damage bonus while wearing full Gravedigger Set

-Nerfed some items as well as buffed some items in order to better balance things

-Fixed mage prayers not giving proper magic damage bonuses

-Fixed Ruby(e) Bolts special effect

-Raised Drop Rates on Ice Queen and Larry the Lobster

-Removed Ornament Kits from Larry the Lobster drop table

-Fixed Spellbook switches on Magic Cape and Magic Cape(t) while its in inventory

-Fixed "Mine 2500 Rune Ore" Achievement so it only counts rune ore now(edited)

-Fixed Magic Dart spell to deal the correct amount of damage

-Added +10% Droprate to Ethereal Scavenger Pet

-Added +10% Droprate to Nieve Pet

-Added +10% Droprate to Steve Pet

-FIXED GMAUL SPEC!!! (Alot of people have been waiting for this)

-Added Beta Tester Rank ingame

-Completely reworked the Fancy Shop

-Added Elysian Spirit Shield damage reduction effect to Zamorak and Saradomin Spirit Shields

-You can now add Wrath Runes to Rune Pouch

-Fixed Rune Pouch bug deleting runes

-Added $2 Goodiebag to Donator Shop

-Added $5 Goodiebag to Donator Shop

-Added $10 Goodiebag to Donator Shop

-Added a new Undead General's Shop beside Blood Money Shop

-ADDED A BRAND NEW WORLD BOSS*!! You better bring your friends!!

*World Boss has the following weaknesses:
Full Ancestral set gives +100% bonus magic damage
Full Inquisitor set gives +100% bonus damage
Full Gravedigger set gives +100% bonus ranged damage
Full Justiciar set gives -50% damage received

Scythe of Vitur gives +100% bonus damage
Sanguinesti Staff gives +100% bonus magic damage
Twisted Bow gives +100% bonus ranged damage


-Fixed stats on Armadyl Godsword(or)

-Fixed stats on Bandos Godsword(or)

-Fixed stats on Saradomin Godsword(or)

-Fixed stats on Zamorak Godsword(or)

-Ironmen can still access Magic Shop, but can now only buy certain items

-Fixed the trees at ::homeskill so they can now be cut

-Fixed the back of the ::homeskill furnace bugging -Made Larry the Lobster's area smaller and reduced spawns to prevent safespots

-Fixed the bugged walls at ::gamble

-Fixed no-clip glitch at rev caves causing players to get stuck

-Fixed Kree'arra safespot

-Changed loot from Mystery Boxes

-Changed Mystery Box price from $5 to $10 each

-Changed loot from Ultra Mystery Boxes(removed cosmetic items)

-Added a new Rares Mytery Box (1/10 chance to win a Phat, Hween, etc)

-Reduced the price of most items in Slayer Shop

-Fixed the "Quick-Manage" option on the Prestige Manager

-Reworked the Prestige Shop to feature special capes now

-Added new items to Daily Point Shop

-Added and removed items from several shops

-Changed price of items in several shops

-Added unlimited charges to Tome of Fire

-Fixed Tome of Fire damage boost

-Added unlimited Fire Runes to Tome of Fire

-Added Undead Combat Dummy to home that will show max hit

-Added Master Farmer options to trade Mole Claws and Skins for crushed nests

-Finished editting the map for ::ezone

-Added Thieving stalls and shops to ::ezone

-Added +45% xp boost to ::ezone

-Removed Blood Money caskets from most npcs(Only Wilderness Bosses drop now) -Added Blood Money drops to all revenants


-Fixed Gwd teleport from ::czone so it gives +10 KC again

-Changed Coin Casket loot pool from 50-150k to 200-250k each casket

-Added sell price for Redwood Logs

-Added sell price for Bracelet of Ethereum (u)

-All Donator Ranks are now 1/2 price


-Recoded the Teleport tab to be in alphabetical order and added some new teleports

-Added Hill Giants and Moss Giants to wilderness

-Added NPCs to Legend's Guild Dungeon

-Fixed furnace in Home Skilling Area

-Changed Bracelet of Ethereum damage reduction from 100% to 75%

-Changed ::dz command to ::czone

-Changed ::donatorzone command to ::dzone

-Added Boss Area for Contributor Rank+

-Added Boss Area for Donator Rank+

-Added Extreme Donator Zone

-Added Max Donator Zone

-Added command ::ezone

-Added command ::maxzone

-Added command ::homeskill

-Changed command ::dice to ::gamble

-Fixed bracelet, ring, amulet, and necklace crafting interfaces

-Added the ability to craft cannonballs

-Fixed Chaos Altar Achievement so now it counts all bones used

-Fixed Mage Arena bugging after 2-3 teleports into arena


-Complete Home Remake!

-Complete Gambling area Remake!

-Contributor and Donator Zone Remakes!

-Fixed master clue scrolls having broken requirements

-You can now use a hammer on infernal eels for tokkul, as well as a chance for lava shards and onyx bolt tips

-Fixed thieving items so that noted items sell for the same amount as unnoted

-Fixed the clay rocks at ::Donatorzone so they no longer complete a desert achievement

-Made infernal eels droppable

-Renamed all fishing spots so they are easier to identify

-Lowered xp rates from gem rocks

-Added a new 55x2 npc for 50m bets

-Relocated the Contributor Boss so it can no longer be safespotted

-Changed the Contributor Boss

-Improved the tutorial

-Recoded the Manual you recieve when you first login

-Recoded options on the Enchanted Gem


-Increased the points from Pest Control to 15 instead of 5

-Added the ability to make heavy and light ballista

-Added the ability to fletch and string the ogre comp bow

-Removed trading post temporarily until a fix is found for the dupe bug

-Added a new background to the client

-Reduced prices of all items in donator shop

-Removed xp books and 2x drop books from donator shop

-Added the xp books and 2x drop books to vote shop

-Updated double pc points event so it should work properly now

-Added new items to Shayzien Assault minigame shop

-Lowered some prices in Mage Bank shop

-Added Blood Money shop

-Added Blood Money casket drops to all bosses


-Added the option to use spectacles on any color phat to make that color phat & specs

-Added rank requirements for certain staff items as well as alerts

-Added "Unpack" option to Justiciar Set, Ancestral Set, Inquisitior Set, and all Barrows Sets

-Fixed commands and descriptions listed on ::commands

-Setup Voting links and rewards

-Setup Donation links and claims

-Setup Highscores links and auto-updates upon logout

-Changed the location of ::dice

-Added Gambling Tickets(used for 55x2 npcs)

-Added 4 NPCs to ::dice and coded them to host 55x2

-Made a new Gambling shop that features the new Gambling Tickets as well as Mithril Seeds

-Added leather crafting items Spiky vambs, studded body, and studded chaps

-Added the ability to craft hard leather-black d'hide shields

-Added the ability to craft leather-black spiky vambs

-Added the ability to craft broodoo shields

-Added the ability to craft yak-hide armors

-Added the ability to craft all snelms

-Added the ability to craft crab helmet and crab claw

-Added the ability to craft Xerician Robes

-Added Xerician Fabric to Lizardman droptable

-Added the ability to craft remaining glassblowing items that were broken


-Reworked the Donator Only Slayer Area

-Changed the name of object used to exchange platinum tokens

-Added new lighthouse minigame to obtain damaged books

-Added new Barrelchest boss

-Reworked PKP Shop and Vote Shop

-Added a new NPC to home for donator shop(also features donator zone teles)

-Fixed Rune Pouch

-Added options to Platinum Token exchange to make it easier to use

-Added ticket exchange to Vote Shop and PKP Shop

-Got rid of some unused NPCs from home

-Added Pvp Mystery Boxes

-Added Pet Mystery Boxes

-Added Vote Mystery Boxes

-Added Pvp and Pet mboxes to Donator Shop

-Added Rainbow and Black phat to Christmas Cracker(1/200 chance)

-Changed Christmas Cracker to have "Unwrap" option

-Each phat has rarity from cracker based on rs prices

-Changed the donator coin color and fixed the bugged model

-Added PC point scrolls (x5-x350)

-Changed rewards from most achievements

-Fixed 50+ pets not having names or examine text

-Renamed Rock Golem pets based on their ore

-Renamed Rift Guardians based on their rune

-Changed location of Contributor boss so it cannot be safespotted anymore


-Added set bonus of 2.5% damage and accuracy for Inq set

-Added proper damage bonus from nightmare staffs(+15% magic damage)

-Fixed "Dawnbringer" staff(upgraded version of trident)

-Added Blood Money casket that gives 100k-500k blood money

-Removed Inquisitor Mace from box set

-Added Nightmare Staves to skill interfaces

-Added all ToB items to skill interfaces

-Added Zenyte jewelry to skill interfaces

-Added Justiciar, Inquisitor, and Ancestral sets to skill interfaces

-Fixed level requirements for Blade of Saeldor, Nightmare Staves, and Inquisitor items

-Fixed level requirements for Neitiznot Faceguard, Dragon Hunter Crossbow, and Dawnbringer

-Completely recoded thieving stalls and pickpocketing

-Fixed loot in Ancient Caskets from Pursuit bosses

-Added a Contributor Boss for anyone with access to ::dz ($10+)

-Made it so that contributors can tele to GWD with +10 all kc and donators get +25 all kc


-Fixed WOGW 2x drops not working properly

-Fixed sigmund's shop(removed noted items)

-Fixed silver rocks at crafting guild and ::donatorzone

-Fixed coal rocks at home and ::donatorzone

-Fixed coal rocks at mining guild

-Fixed Tz-Kal-Zuk spawning 2 of them

-Fixed copper rocks at home

-Added teleport to Portal of Legends

-Fixed void and elite void to have proper set bonuses

-Created a new more well designed donator zone for higher tier donors

-Added more blue dragons to taverley dungeon

-Added Donator Boss for anyone with access to ::donatorzone($300+)

-Added Donator only slayer dungeon

-Added Elysian Key pieces and Elysian Key

-Added Elysian Key pieces to donator boss drop table(key is used to open Elysian Chest)

-Added the Elysian chest in Donator zone(Has 1/1k chance of giving TBow or Scythe of Vitur)

-Added Legend's Guild(Accessable to players with 100+ combat level)

-Added Blood Money shop to Legend's Guild

-Blood Money shop contains skilling sets such as Lumberjack, etc.(as well as herblore supplies)

-Changed the portal at home to a Legend's Guild portal instead of Max Guild portal

-Added Max Guild portal to Legend's Guild

-Legend's Guild dungeon coming soon...


-Fixed F Keys and Esc not working properly(make sure to enable Esc in F Key settings)

-Client should no longer say "Baller pk10" at the top and should no longer have password saved in it already

-Removed ::dz for the time being since we have ::donatorzone

-Shift-drop shouldn't get stuck anymore

-Fixed Al Kharid teleport location

-Fixed Burthorpe teleport location

-Fixed Catherby teleport location

-Fixed Draynor Village teleport location

-Fixed Kourend teleport location

-Fixed Brimhaven Dungeon teleport location

-Fixed Elf Warriors teleport location

-Fixed Stronghol Dungeon teleport location

-Fixed Falador Farming teleport location

-Fixed Runecrafting teleport location

-Changed "Rogue's Den" teleport to "Thieving" teleport

-Fixed Barrows teleport location

-Fixed Chambers of Xeric teleport location

-Fixed Giant Mole teleport location

-Fixed Kraken teleport location

-Added Slayer level required to teleport to Thermonuclear Smoke Devil

-Fixed Demonic Gorilla teleport location

-Fixed Rev Caves teleport location

-Fixed Wilderness Agility Course teleport location

-Fixed Callisto teleport location

-Fixed KBD teleport location


-Fixed Daily Gear Supply Crates(better loot)

-Fixed Daily Skilling Supply Crates(better loot)

-Added dialogue when claiming a bond to ensure no accidental claims

-Added "open" option to Partyhat box set

-Added "open" option to Halloween Mask box set

-Fixed Mystery boxes(better loots and no longer gives tons of duplicates)

-Fixed Ultra Mystery boxes(better loots for common and uncommon as well as removed some of the more expensive rares)

-Added custom Justiciar Kiteshield and added it to the Justiciar box set

-Added Bill Box(custom box with 10% chance to win 1B cash and 5% chance to win double loots)

-Added custom Lightening Ancestral Robes(same stats as Ancestral with cosmetic changes)

-Added Beta Tester Cape for our testers

-Added a special gift for our Day 1 players as well!


-changed items in the donator shop

-changed prices in the donator shop

-reworked pvm caskets(now give better loot)

-reworked coin caskets(now give random amount of coins from 0-300k)

-fixed bracelet of etherium not protecting against rev attacks properly

-fixed ::highrisk spawn point and safe zone(used to spawn you in unsafe zone)

-fixed a few commands not working properly

-fixed mbox delay so you dont lose items by spamming

-made it able to dismantle nightmare staves

-added basilisk jaw

-fixed the combination and dismantle for neitiznot faceguard


-Coded Coal Bag and fixed Herb Sack (both now working)(preview on #⭐server-showcase⭐ )

-Reworked home layout for easier access to quality of life upgrades

-Added NPC "Enoch" to home bank for converting pkp and vote tickets to points

-Added Cape of Skulls

-Added Rotten Potato for staff use

-Fixed some of the pets not following properly

-Fixed all god dhide sets to have coifs instead of boots

-Fixed Super Potion box set not opening

-Coded all (sk) armor sets to be opened

-Fixed box armor sets not opening properly

-Added all Inquisitor items and box armor set

-Added all Nightmare staves and orbs

-Added Neitznot Faceguard

-Added Ancestral box robe set

-Fixed Christmas Crackers not giving pkp and added custom animation

-Platinum Tokens now working

-Added "Portable Bank" code

-Fixed 2x Experience Ring (now grants 2x in all skills and stacks with bonus xp weekends and books)

-Added custom Bonds for $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, $250, and $1000

-Reworked the rewards for claiming Bonds

-Added custom Saradomin SS and Zamorak SS (same stats as Elysian with cosmetic override)


☆ Custom home

☆ Custom gambling area

☆ Friendly and helpful community and staff team
☆ A plethora of community events, multiple different kinds of giveaways
☆ Quality updates based on bug-reports and players suggestions
☆ Custom Donator bosses
☆ Custom Donator zones (Completely hand-made.)
☆ PvP zones (like PvP world on OSRS)
☆ Nightmare items, Neitiznot Faceguard, and other new OSRS

items which you won't find on other servers

☆ Presets
☆ Drag Settings
☆ Lots of Bosses & Wildy Bosses
☆ Revenant Caves
☆ Ironman mode and several xp rates
☆ 120+ pets and custom pets
☆ Unique Skilling Area
☆ Awesome yet balanced donator perks
☆ Placeholders
☆ Custom specs and santas
☆ Achievements
☆ Gambling
☆ Automatic Gambling npc
☆ Custom skilling area for donators.

About Us


Elysian is a new Rsps with the goal of bringing

the community together and doing updates to

 meet the players needs to give everyone

the best experience possible.

We are a 317 Osrs loading semi customs, only

adding a few extra items that fit into Osrs,

meaning we don't have weird custom 

 items and armors.

Elysian was founded by three old friends who

took initiative after growing tired of servers

ignoring their communities, and therefore

     put their hands together to create their

own community driven OSRSPS.


What we offer you:

Every possible skill (construction coming soon),

countless mini-games, an active wilderness

and difficult yet rewarding bosses!

Join us to make your voice heard !